About the Project

NFTs that give ownership of 6 boxing team franchises competing in Hellsbay Fight League featuring 36 professional boxers

Wardroids are a unique collection of 9000 cybernetic warriors part of the 6 factions that have been fighting for power over the last few centuries. These warriors are created using state of the art bionics and are cybernetically enhanced for carrying out a variety of tasks based on their duty in their clans. They are strong, agile and ruthless fighters who stop at nothing short of winning in their fight!


90000 avatar will be available in total, split between the pre-sale and public sale. Avatars not redeemed in the pre-sale will be deployed into the public sale. All avatar traits and attributes will be generated randomly and revealed after the public sale.


1800 NFTs are allocated to the most active supports from the community and 7200 NFTs are available for the public. Price of the mint will be announced closer to the NFT sale.


Fractional Ownership of a Fight Club

Revenue Shares from the Fight League

Metaverse Ready 3D Avatars

Exclusive Access to Club DAO

Free Lifelong Subscription to TIAR App

Season 2 Ownership Mint Rights




Fight Clubs

Banglore Berserker
Chennai Heros
Mumbai Warriors
Delhi Guardians
Hyderabad Knights
Kolkata team


March - May 2022

Fundraising, Idea Launch, Partnerships and Registrations

June - August 2022

Community Building, Art Reveal and NFT Mint

Sept - November 2022

Season 1 of Hellsbay Fight League and Launch of TIAR Mobile App

Dec - Feb 2023

Metaverse Integration of Avatars, Game Development and HFL Season 2 Preparations


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